Haiku poem

The Purr-felt Day

Photo by Betty Chambers. Used by permission.

Curled up with no cares.

Oh to be a sleeping cat!

Calico dreamer.

By davidsdailydose

I'm just a regular guy who was
tempted to lose all hope but did not. It was God who made the difference.

2 replies on “The Purr-felt Day”

What a stunning picture! And an even better haiku! Thank you for posting and making my day!
And thank you for reminding me about an art form which I very much enjoy. I love the simplicity of a haiku; yet, it can quietly evoke meaning and reflection. Enjoy your day!

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You are so funny, Betty! As I’ve told you before, your comedic timing reminds of Erma Bombeck.

I enjoy writing haiku because you really have to think about how to say something significant in 17 syllables. It’s also a challenge to come up with a good juxtaposition. Thank you for reading and commenting. Blessings.

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